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Category Archives: eDeutschland

The German coalition will set-up a parliamentary enquete commission dedicated to “Internet and Digital Society”. This commission will be set up by 13 members of the parliament with all parties represented and 13 experts still to be announced.

According to the focus will be on the following areas:

  • Culture and Media
  • Economy and Environment
  • Education and Research
  • Justice and Interior
  • Society and Democracy

I will post a more detailed list later. For everyone who can read German may take a look here. So far the list seems to be quite complex and rather ambitious as the final report shall be delivered in 2012. This report shall provide guidelines how Germany can tackle challenges and leverage opportunities digital technology offers.

It is interesting that the last enquete commission that dealt with the challenges of our digital era took place between 1996-1998. Obviously in the last 12 years a lot happened, new opportunities and new challenges as the recent issue of Google and China shows. However, I hope the results will be less prone by a protective mindset but by one that actually embraces the new technology. Let’s surprise DiMaio who sensed “that German government people tend to overplan things”.

Besides my proposal for a twitter hashtag for this commission is a bit lengthy but unique: #eDeutschland.